About AERO

AERO is a collective of arts organizations and artists dedicated to working together to build bridges between schools and the arts community.

Mission: The mission of AERO is to build bridges between schools and the arts community, ensuring an arts-inclusive education for all San Diego County students.
Vision: All San Diego County students have access to engaging, relevant, quality arts education.

AERO Core Values:

  1. Advocacy = the act or process of supporting arts education.
  2. Equity, diversity and inclusion = ensuring quality arts education for all students in San Diego.
  3. Engagement = an active process in which all participants are devoted to a shared course of action and experience change through being involved.
  4. Innovative Collaboration = working together to create artistic opportunities in arts education on all levels.
  5. Transformative Learning = broadening perspectives in beliefs and behaviors through knowledge acquisition and critical behavior.

AERO Event Schedule 2022-2023:

AERO Annual Meeting - August 12, 2022 register here

AERO Quarterly Meetings

AERO Professional Development Sessions

Arts Administration Community of Practice:  Join the AERO PD Committee for our first community of practice for arts education administrators on June 24, 2022. We’ll establish what our community of practice can be, as well as exploring effective systems and best practices for our work. Build your community network and share your expertise with your peers. We plan to gather quarterly and will set our schedule for next year as part of our inaugural meeting.  register here

Arts Standards Introduction:  Join the AERO community for this 2-part professional learning created specifically for teaching artists to explore the features and benefits of the CA Arts Standards and gain insights on how to utilize them in designing learning experiences. register here for the July14-15 sessions or register here for the July 18-19 sessions

AERO Committee Meetings

Governance Committee:

Meeting dates will be added as soon as they are available.

Professional Development Committee:

Meeting dates will be added as soon as they are available.

Advocacy and Communications Committee:

Meeting dates will be added as soon as they are available.

AERO Committees

Governance - Improve the functionality of AERO through a coordinated effort focused on structure, communication, and commitment to the mission and vision of the organization.

Professional Development - Serve local arts professionals such as teaching artists and arts administrators by promoting accessible and relevant professional development opportunities.

Advocacy & Communications - The purpose of the Advocacy/Communications committee is twofold:
  • To improve communication and collaboration among AERO organizations.
  • To strategically advocate through community education to establish and maintain relationships with San Diego County stakeholders such as schools, policy makers, and teaching artists.


Connect with AERO

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Learn more about Resources and Professional Learning by visiting https://www.sdcoe.net/lls/ccr/Pages/visual-and-performing-arts.aspx

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